Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sort of but not really PB&J cookies

These cookies have less than 55 calories each!  Amazing, right?  No flour, only beans....

I got the recipe from Rocco Dispirito's new book, The Now Eat This Diet.  If you don't have the book yet you need to order it.  Now.  Here, I'll make it easy: http://www.amazon.com/Now-Eat-This-Diet-Pounds/dp/0446584495/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1303267130&sr=1-1
So far I've made at least five recipes from this book and each one has been great - you really don't miss out on taste at all.  I'm not on the diet but I do need to balance my sugar addiction with some healthy low calorie meals.  Kinda like getting a Big Mac and Diet Coke.  I digress.  Tonight I decided to try Rocco's peanut butter and jelly cookies made out of Cannellini Beans!

I used Peanut Wonder - it's really really light peanut butter.  How do they get the calories and fat out of there - the ingredients are still peanuts?  Odd.  But okay in cookie form and balanced with those Reese's chips.

 And here are the finished cookies.  I think they'll taste better tomorrow, after the flavors meld together.  I don't taste BEAN but I taste bean texture.  I think the weirdest bites are the ones with the cranberries in them (aka the Jelly).  I'm going to bring some to work tomorrow and see what the co-workers think.  A good sweet ending to a meal but not quite as satisfying as those other peanut butter cookies in my blog.  Would I make them again - yes I would.  Are they the best cookies ever?  No but they are less than 55 calories each!

Oh - I'm not posting the recipe - go buy the book sillies.  It's worth it.  I promise.

NO Jack, bad kitty - you can't have this cookie!

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